Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Great Empires of Ancient Eurasia (Video)

A Must Watch Video, the world is starting to understand our people and our history. Thanks God!

Ancestors of Mongols brought civilization to China in ancient times, they were white at the time.

Great Empires of Ancient Eurasia

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

why it is important to claim that Turks are NOT Mongols?

One reason is that, both Jews (a Khazar people that are closely related to the Uyghurs) and Muslim Turks have been pretending to be Mongols to "conquer" the white race for centuries, and that is not good.

Turks' another Story that may Shock you!

The Turks had been living in ancient China (not Manchu Empire nor PRC) for thousands of years, they later created and adopted Confucius.

Hanfu, traditional Chinese costume for 2,000 years is actually the traditional costume of the Turks; in other words, Hanfu is a Turkish outfit.

Han Dynasty was founded by the Turks who re-conquered various Yue nations (today in Southern China), as people in Han Dynasty officially adopted Confucius , Han refers to people who practice Confucius, a system that is similar to communism.

Han has nothing to do with race. whenever you hear someone say, "I am a Han", that means, his ancestors practised Confucius, nothing else.

To make it easy, Han Dynasty is the empire of the Confucius-Turks. Similar to other Dynasties, the Qing Dynasty was founded by the Manchus, Yuan Dynasty was founded by the Mongols, the Ming Dynasty was founded by the Huis. Tang Dynasty was founded by the Xianbeis; and the Qin Dynasty was founded by the Jurchen/Mongols.

As Turks founded the Han dynasty, people in Northern China are racially and culturally related to the Turks and Jews. Some of them fled to Southern China and had inter-racial marriages with the local people, the Southern Chinese who are genetically related to the Filipino and other South Asians.

Han people's culture include foot-binding and ghost wedding, they are reviving.

Ancestors of the Turks (in Turkey) and Jews (in Israel) left ancient China thousands of years ago, they adopted Muslim and Judaism religiously, but their culture is very similar to the Han Chinese who have now adopted communism. It was Jews, aka Khazar-Turks who created communism.

The Turkish race has been dominating most areas of the Manchu Empire since 1912, the collapse of the Qing, aka the Manchu Empire.

[Note: The Uyghurs never accept Confucius. I thought the Uyghurs could become independent, so I did not write this.  ]

when I get a moment, I will revise this blog. Cheers,

Friday, 10 February 2017

why the Chinese chose communism and refuse to give it up?

Many people asked, communism is bad, but why the Chinese chose to embrace communism and refuse to give it up even though they are very rich?

The answer is, the Chinese especially the Hakka, who claimed to be the Royal Han group had been slaves in the US and Canada for almost 200 years, known as Chinese Coolies or Chinese Railway Builders; the prices of Chinese Slaves or Yellow Slaves at the slave market were much lower than the black slaves because the Chinese were deemed physically and mentally inferior to the Africans at the time.

Until today, the American and Canadian governments refuse to admit the truth, and the Chinese including the Hakka "Royal Han" are too timid or traumatic to speak out the truth, so they must continue to practise communism.

The Indians, Japanese, the Filipinos etc were never sold as slaves, so there was no reason for them to embrace communism.

Sad truth.

Photo Below:

A Yellow Slave or Chinese Slave at the slave market in the US or Canada; the price of this Chinese slave was $400.00 while a black slave was sold for $1,000.00; and if you bought two Chinese slaves, you would save $200. Most of these slaves were ethnic Hakka people who claimed to be Royal Han group. They later returned home and commenced communist revolutions.