Friday, 10 February 2017

why the Chinese chose communism and refuse to give it up?

Many people asked, communism is bad, but why the Chinese chose to embrace communism and refuse to give it up even though they are very rich?

The answer is, the Chinese especially the Hakka, who claimed to be the Royal Han group had been slaves in the US and Canada for almost 200 years, known as Chinese Coolies or Chinese Railway Builders; the prices of Chinese Slaves or Yellow Slaves at the slave market were much lower than the black slaves because the Chinese were deemed physically and mentally inferior to the Africans at the time.

Until today, the American and Canadian governments refuse to admit the truth, and the Chinese including the Hakka "Royal Han" are too timid or traumatic to speak out the truth, so they must continue to practise communism.

The Indians, Japanese, the Filipinos etc were never sold as slaves, so there was no reason for them to embrace communism.

Sad truth.

Photo Below:

A Yellow Slave or Chinese Slave at the slave market in the US or Canada; the price of this Chinese slave was $400.00 while a black slave was sold for $1,000.00; and if you bought two Chinese slaves, you would save $200. Most of these slaves were ethnic Hakka people who claimed to be Royal Han group. They later returned home and commenced communist revolutions.

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  1. sad truth, the Chinese continue to suffer until the USA and Canadian governments face this reality and admit the TRUTH to the Chinese people.