Sunday, 12 March 2017

How Feminism Led to Native Genocide

I have been doing my own research on cultural and social studies for over two decades; read my words carefully as I may delete them. 

My research reveals that, it was feminism that caused genocide of the Native people in North America; Native women betrayed their own race to become “proud fur traders” and “powerful business women” while having “beautiful babies” with vulnerable invaders; invaders learned Native cultures and slaughtered 100 millions Native people quickly.

In the end, the Native people have themselves to blame: they did not treat their women well so their women chose to become feminists.

I have also discovered that, to create feminists and empower / enslave them for Master Men to achieve financially, politically and racially, some delicate techniques are necessary:

  1. use Deception / Guilty (pretending to be a victim)  => to lure women into a relationship; i.e. my wife is having an affair with another man and I am miserable; or I was prosecuted by an evil government as a political dissident (in fact he was a rapist or a thief);
  2. attack her appearance and her other things => to destroy her self-esteem;
  3. brainwashing on expectations => to make her a loyal slave, i.e. you should do this to me in order to be a “good woman”;
  4. use violence and isolation => to create fear and confusion, she could not think or speak so few people would understand or believe her;   
  5. use financial controlling => to make her unable to leave this abusive relationship;
  6. spread lies and rumors => to destroy her reputation;
  7. to conspire with others to create crisis  => hire a man to bully her so that she would require protections from a saviour;
  8. represent her on everything to the public as if they were in an affairs  => to control her public image and make money out of it;  
  9. to impregnate her => to enslave her as well as her parents and siblings.

By using these effective “feminism techniques”, 100 millions of Native people disappeared like vapour, the survivors are living in reserves as “uncivilized animals”.

In the end, the Muslim people (just think the population of the Muslims Turks around the world and their nationalism ) and Jews will succeed, because they control their women well while promoting feminism to OTHERS.

If you are not Muslims nor Jews, you need to be kind to your women, and protect your women from feminism throughout of their lives, or your race may face genocide.

What a dangerous world we are living in.