Friday, 31 March 2017

The Moments when I love the Jews...

I am in a good mood so I drop a few words talking about my moments when I loved the Jews.

One specific moment is that, I used to deal with a large sized Brit (over 6'2'' and 250 pounds) who worked for a Israel company, he constantly threatened to commit suicide while doing things he should never have done; I was confused and unsure what to do. So I paid a Jewess to give me some ideas. This Jewess was professional and efficient, so days later, this large sized Brit was handcuffed by the police when he made a wrong move, ie, he thought he could deceive me again.

As long as there are large sized Brits around, we need Jews and Jewess.

Have a nice day, world.

Be happy and love God.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The West Has Finally Got What They Deserved! Cheers!

During the past three centuries, the West brought opium, wars, revolutions, communism, and ongoing Manchu-genocide to Asia; they keep justifying themselves that, they have been doing so for the best interests of the Asians including the Chinese people, i.e., the so called Han, to make them democratic, more like the Westerners themselves.

The West has successfully achieved their end, as the Chinese are now very democratic today, not in PR China, but in the West.

It is amazing to observe that, the Chinese in many Western democratic nations now learn to work together to fight the local governments in a democratic way, although protests, lawsuits and complaints might be financed and organized by the Chinese Communist government, but who cares: the US government financed the 1911 Xinhai Revolution and provided military training to the Chinese who eventually toppled the Manchu government.

A century ago, the Westerners slaved the Southern Chinese using them to build railways upon completion of which they passed the Chinese Exclusive Act expelling the Chinese; in the meantime, they attacked the Manchu Qing government for failing to make the Chinese democratic; they also alleged the Manchu people were racists against the Chinese (ironically, the Manchus never slaved the Chinese nor expelled them, but did everything possible to protect the Chinese from opium and Western invasions).

Today, the Westerners have an opportunity making the Chinese IN THEIR COUNTRIES democratic.

The Chinese Communist government (also created by the West) monitors the West’s human right violation closely and they have pointed out numerous times that, the West still treats the Chinese in the West in a racist manner, and surely they will facilitate the Chinese to overthrow the Western governments in a revolutionary or peaceful way.  

The Chinese Communist government deals with the Western Democratic governments in the same way the West did to the Manchu Barbaric government; so the Chinese will soon conduct white-genocide and overthrow all Western governments and make them red by 2049 as planned.

I am anti-communism but I am no longer fighting communism; the reason is simple: I am an illicit, barbaric, shameless and heartless Nomad who happens to know how to type a few English words.

I do have a reason to celebrate though; time to get some sparking wine this weekend, and CHEERS.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How Jews Have been Isolating/Terrifying the Chinese by Engaging it since 1972? (Part II)

Note: I plan to write short blogs whenever I have a moment; this is part II:

Have you ever wondered:

  1. why Made China Products are so Cheap?
  2. why Peter Navarro wrote a book, Death by China? 
  3. why China's environment is seriously destroyed? and 
  4. why rich people from China escaped to the West? 
All above four questions can be answered together:

the Chinese fear the Westerners, for the past decades the Chinese were forced to sell Made in China products at extremely low prices, once they made enough money, they would send their families to the West as immigrants; the Chinese have no money doing anything to protect the environment; and now, Made in China products are not only cheap, but they are poisoning.

And I now tell you how the Chinese were forced to sell products to Westerners at a low price.

About 15 years ago, I met a Chinese business man from Taiwan, he was a millionaire. Once he disclosed how he became rich.

He said he used to do business with people in China, he had a business partner who was a Jew. Each time the Chinese were to ship products to the West, his Jew partner would instruct him not to take shipments from China, instead, the Jew partner asked him to demand the Chinese manufacturers to lower the prices or they would refuse to pay on basis that the Chinese had breached the contracts; the Chinese always did what his Jew partner requested; so he and his Jew partner made a great fortune from the inferior Chinese.

And remember, the Chinese in the past were slaves/railway builders; and they still fear/worship the Westerners.  (I am a Barbarian, there is no reason for me to fear nor worship the Westerners).

This Chinese business man said he would not be successful without his invisible Jew "partner".

If you read this blog, you should understand how Jews have been dominating the Chinese through their Chinese business "partners" since 1972.

Photo from Taiwanese media: Chinese slaves at Salve Market

Photo from Taiwanese media:
  • Frank M Pixley, a senator of LA: Chinese are inferior to all races created by God; 
  • Dr. A. B. Stout: The Chinese will lower our bloodline if they are allowed to stay in the US. 
  • James P. Dameron, a lawyer: The Chinese's brains are too small for them to become civilized; they can never establish a government like ours. 


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How Jews Have been Isolating/Terrifying the Chinese by Engaging it since 1972? (Part I)

Jews use Jewish Media to provide false information to both China and US President; Jews control the media and it is up for them to tell what they want to China/Chinese and US/Americans; of course, they always tell two different stories to China/Chinese and to US/Americans, in other words, Jews control the TRUTH.

There are Jewish Media Techniques that have been used. 

Technique 1:

  •  A large sized Brit will speak to Chinese pretending that the White People are in control and the Jews are secondary citizens, in fact, they work for the Jews and are loyal to the Jews; 
  • Brits would collect information about views of the Jews and report to their Jew Masters, so Jews will change their strategy in time;
  • In the meantime, large sized Brits and the Jews would work together to blackmail people who questioning Jews, i.e. make up stories in another newspaper that these people are communists; in that way, people’s reputation was destroyed and nobody would believe them;
  • They have been doing this to the Tibetans, Russians and many other peoples, so Tibetans will never be freed;
  • Of course, they feed North Korea with bogus information all the time, to keep North Korea in a horrified mode so they will be Red and hate the White forever.

Technique 2:

  • The Jews and the White journalists would not write articles criticizing Communist China because they love Red China;
  • When China did something that they were not happy about, they published stories condemning China in names of Chinese-American journalists, as if the Chinese people or Chinese-Feminists in the US are opposing China, but these stories are written by Jews or White, the Chinese journalist only need to admit they write these articles although they may have never met the people in concern;
  • and of course, they do this to Russians, and other people too.  

I will continue to write when I have a moment. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

How Feminism Led to Native Genocide

I have been doing my own research on cultural and social studies for over two decades; read my words carefully as I may delete them. 

My research reveals that, it was feminism that caused genocide of the Native people in North America; Native women betrayed their own race to become “proud fur traders” and “powerful business women” while having “beautiful babies” with vulnerable invaders; invaders learned Native cultures and slaughtered 100 millions Native people quickly.

In the end, the Native people have themselves to blame: they did not treat their women well so their women chose to become feminists.

I have also discovered that, to create feminists and empower / enslave them for Master Men to achieve financially, politically and racially, some delicate techniques are necessary:

  1. use Deception / Guilty (pretending to be a victim)  => to lure women into a relationship; i.e. my wife is having an affair with another man and I am miserable; or I was prosecuted by an evil government as a political dissident (in fact he was a rapist or a thief);
  2. attack her appearance and her other things => to destroy her self-esteem;
  3. brainwashing on expectations => to make her a loyal slave, i.e. you should do this to me in order to be a “good woman”;
  4. use violence and isolation => to create fear and confusion, she could not think or speak so few people would understand or believe her;   
  5. use financial controlling => to make her unable to leave this abusive relationship;
  6. spread lies and rumors => to destroy her reputation;
  7. to conspire with others to create crisis  => hire a man to bully her so that she would require protections from a saviour;
  8. represent her on everything to the public as if they were in an affairs  => to control her public image and make money out of it;  
  9. to impregnate her => to enslave her as well as her parents and siblings.

By using these effective “feminism techniques”, 100 millions of Native people disappeared like vapour, the survivors are living in reserves as “uncivilized animals”.

In the end, the Muslim people (just think the population of the Muslims Turks around the world and their nationalism ) and Jews will succeed, because they control their women well while promoting feminism to OTHERS.

If you are not Muslims nor Jews, you need to be kind to your women, and protect your women from feminism throughout of their lives, or your race may face genocide.

What a dangerous world we are living in.