Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How Jews Have been Isolating/Terrifying the Chinese by Engaging it since 1972? (Part I)

Jews use Jewish Media to provide false information to both China and US President; Jews control the media and it is up for them to tell what they want to China/Chinese and US/Americans; of course, they always tell two different stories to China/Chinese and to US/Americans, in other words, Jews control the TRUTH.

There are Jewish Media Techniques that have been used. 

Technique 1:

  •  A large sized Brit will speak to Chinese pretending that the White People are in control and the Jews are secondary citizens, in fact, they work for the Jews and are loyal to the Jews; 
  • Brits would collect information about views of the Jews and report to their Jew Masters, so Jews will change their strategy in time;
  • In the meantime, large sized Brits and the Jews would work together to blackmail people who questioning Jews, i.e. make up stories in another newspaper that these people are communists; in that way, people’s reputation was destroyed and nobody would believe them;
  • They have been doing this to the Tibetans, Russians and many other peoples, so Tibetans will never be freed;
  • Of course, they feed North Korea with bogus information all the time, to keep North Korea in a horrified mode so they will be Red and hate the White forever.

Technique 2:

  • The Jews and the White journalists would not write articles criticizing Communist China because they love Red China;
  • When China did something that they were not happy about, they published stories condemning China in names of Chinese-American journalists, as if the Chinese people or Chinese-Feminists in the US are opposing China, but these stories are written by Jews or White, the Chinese journalist only need to admit they write these articles although they may have never met the people in concern;
  • and of course, they do this to Russians, and other people too.  

I will continue to write when I have a moment. 

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