Thursday, 16 March 2017

How Jews Have been Isolating/Terrifying the Chinese by Engaging it since 1972? (Part II)

Note: I plan to write short blogs whenever I have a moment; this is part II:

Have you ever wondered:

  1. why Made China Products are so Cheap?
  2. why Peter Navarro wrote a book, Death by China? 
  3. why China's environment is seriously destroyed? and 
  4. why rich people from China escaped to the West? 
All above four questions can be answered together:

the Chinese fear the Westerners, for the past decades the Chinese were forced to sell Made in China products at extremely low prices, once they made enough money, they would send their families to the West as immigrants; the Chinese have no money doing anything to protect the environment; and now, Made in China products are not only cheap, but they are poisoning.

And I now tell you how the Chinese were forced to sell products to Westerners at a low price.

About 15 years ago, I met a Chinese business man from Taiwan, he was a millionaire. Once he disclosed how he became rich.

He said he used to do business with people in China, he had a business partner who was a Jew. Each time the Chinese were to ship products to the West, his Jew partner would instruct him not to take shipments from China, instead, the Jew partner asked him to demand the Chinese manufacturers to lower the prices or they would refuse to pay on basis that the Chinese had breached the contracts; the Chinese always did what his Jew partner requested; so he and his Jew partner made a great fortune from the inferior Chinese.

And remember, the Chinese in the past were slaves/railway builders; and they still fear/worship the Westerners.  (I am a Barbarian, there is no reason for me to fear nor worship the Westerners).

This Chinese business man said he would not be successful without his invisible Jew "partner".

If you read this blog, you should understand how Jews have been dominating the Chinese through their Chinese business "partners" since 1972.

Photo from Taiwanese media: Chinese slaves at Salve Market

Photo from Taiwanese media:
  • Frank M Pixley, a senator of LA: Chinese are inferior to all races created by God; 
  • Dr. A. B. Stout: The Chinese will lower our bloodline if they are allowed to stay in the US. 
  • James P. Dameron, a lawyer: The Chinese's brains are too small for them to become civilized; they can never establish a government like ours. 


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