Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The West Has Finally Got What They Deserved! Cheers!

During the past three centuries, the West brought opium, wars, revolutions, communism, and ongoing Manchu-genocide to Asia; they keep justifying themselves that, they have been doing so for the best interests of the Asians including the Chinese people, i.e., the so called Han, to make them democratic, more like the Westerners themselves.

The West has successfully achieved their end, as the Chinese are now very democratic today, not in PR China, but in the West.

It is amazing to observe that, the Chinese in many Western democratic nations now learn to work together to fight the local governments in a democratic way, although protests, lawsuits and complaints might be financed and organized by the Chinese Communist government, but who cares: the US government financed the 1911 Xinhai Revolution and provided military training to the Chinese who eventually toppled the Manchu government.

A century ago, the Westerners slaved the Southern Chinese using them to build railways upon completion of which they passed the Chinese Exclusive Act expelling the Chinese; in the meantime, they attacked the Manchu Qing government for failing to make the Chinese democratic; they also alleged the Manchu people were racists against the Chinese (ironically, the Manchus never slaved the Chinese nor expelled them, but did everything possible to protect the Chinese from opium and Western invasions).

Today, the Westerners have an opportunity making the Chinese IN THEIR COUNTRIES democratic.

The Chinese Communist government (also created by the West) monitors the West’s human right violation closely and they have pointed out numerous times that, the West still treats the Chinese in the West in a racist manner, and surely they will facilitate the Chinese to overthrow the Western governments in a revolutionary or peaceful way.  

The Chinese Communist government deals with the Western Democratic governments in the same way the West did to the Manchu Barbaric government; so the Chinese will soon conduct white-genocide and overthrow all Western governments and make them red by 2049 as planned.

I am anti-communism but I am no longer fighting communism; the reason is simple: I am an illicit, barbaric, shameless and heartless Nomad who happens to know how to type a few English words.

I do have a reason to celebrate though; time to get some sparking wine this weekend, and CHEERS.

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