Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dear White, You Must Go

It is great that the White, finally wake up to the truth that, they are Europeans as opposed to Americans; so I just wrote a love poem for the White.

By Attila the Hun, April 19, 2017

White are the soil,
Jews are the seeds;
Without soil there would be no trees,
White, you must go,
White, you must go!

White, take your technology,
White, take your white babies,
And do not forget to take your Jesus corpse wrapping clothes,
Go, go back to Europe,
White, you must go!

White, if you truly honour your ancestors,
If you truly love your race,
If you are not parasites,
Then, you must go,
White, you must go and never come back!

White, you must go,
And never come back;
Go, go back to your motherland,
White, Europe is calling you back,
White, you must go and never come back!

White, Europe is calling,
And you must go back,
You go back to defend your motherland,
You go back to defend your civilization,
You must go and never come back!

White, I think I might miss you,
Only long after you are gone;
When I see a Native child,
She will have that beautiful smile,
White, you must go and never come back!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Message from the Manchus

There are Manchu speaking Manchus around the world, they have sent me a message decade ago that:

1. the Manchus knew the Xinhai Revolution (1911) in advance, the Manchus prepared for the worst, they had transferred important Manchu language documents to a safe place, guarded by a Manchu Royal family;

2. the Manchu language archives recorded important events and peoples in the Manchu Empire and the world (1636 - 1911).

I can only disclose this at the present time; as Manchus as a people have no freedom everywhere in the world, it is critical for the Central Eurasians to work together ONCE AGAIN.

Photo Below:

A Manchu teaches Manchu language (an Altaic language, similar to Mongolian language) in Heilong Jiang, PR China. 


Modern Christianity is Fake and Anti-God

Modern Christianity is fake and anti-God, this has been known to many westerners.

For example, Pope made numerous comments that are anti-God and anti-Jesus in nature; even the Italians are rejecting their "churches".

Further, western churches have become a safe heaven habouring pedophiles and criminals. In the West, the native children were taken away from their parents and "educated" by Jesuit priests and nuns at boarding schools, these priests and nuns raped, sexually and physically assaulted the Native children. The Native culture has been destroyed but the Pope refused to apologize to the Native people in North America (online research should reveal this).

Central Eurasians must work together to defend our people, our heritage, our glorious civilization and history.

Photo Below:

Many westerners know the truth that, the Pope is a fake Christian.

Mongols' Ancestors Created Glorious Civilization

Mongols' ancestors created glorious civilization and brought it to Asia and Europe making the modern world.

Future archeologists should be able to discover that, the Gobi area was not a desert in ancient time,  instead, there was an advanced civilization lasted for a long time.

Ancestors of the Koreans, Mongols and Manchus lived in Gobi and their civilization was the most advanced at the time.

This was clearly recorded in many historical languages, poems and writings (I may disclose some in the future).

Please keep in mind, the future archeologists must work hard toward this and the world will understand OUR history.


Gobi Desert underneath of which, a glorious and advanced civilization will be discovered, and this discovery will change human history once again.  

Thursday, 13 April 2017

President Trump: the White Can NOT be Trusted

The White supported Mr. Trump overwhelmingly, and President Trump has now demonstrated that, the White are deceptive and should not be trusted.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Trump talked about his fellow white countrymen numerous times expressing his distrust towards them.

He said so in his book, How to Get Rich:

"Let's face the fact that, it is possible that even your best friend wants to steal your spouse and your money....we are worse than lions - at least they do it for food, we do it for the thrill of the hunt. "

(at page 162, How to Get Rich, by Donald Trump)

The conclusion is, the White Can Not be Trusted; if you want to get rich, read this book and do not trust any white:

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Remember the 100 Million Natives

The Natives are racially related to the North Koreans, ironically, they have been referring to as “Red Indians” for centuries by the Superior Species.

When the Invaders as Superior Species came to North American, they pretended to be vulnerable, so they gained trust from the Native people; soon, they “civilized”, “democratized” and “legallized”100 millions of Natives by slaughtering them, burning them alive, hunting and shooting them like animals using guns.  

It was very civilized, very democratic, very rule of law, and very human rights; certainly this conquest was the most glorious, bravest and successful one in history.

The Superior Species claim themselves religious but they are in fact are very anti-God; they created an anti-God theory that has been taught around the world; based on this theory, human race came from apes or monkeys; this theory is known as Darwin theory.

Darwin theory is not only anti-God but it is absurd: for the past 5,000 years, nobody ever witnessed a singly ape or monkey turning into a human being.

The Superior Species are not only anti-God and absurd, they are extremely deceptive and cruel. They pose as gentlemen to harm the innocent, particularly women and children all the time.

I have sent quite a few large sized “gentle” men to prison, I got paid to do it, and I know they will never change simply because they are anti-God.  

Please, every time you see a large sized “gentle” man approaching your daughter or son, be careful: your people are at great risk; so become pro-abortion before your people disappear into the air.

I am not here to remind you all the time, if you have any doubts, google “native genocide” or speak to the Native people online.

And always keep in mind, the Superior Species are not our kind (and they agree to this), they are anti-God and they believe that their ancestors were black apes.

Finally, the Superior Species will NEVER change, they slaughtered the Natives not a long time ago, and they will continue to do it to others. 


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jews, Chinese Nationalists and White Nationalists (2nd draft)

(note: I typed this blog with great technical difficulties, I may or may not come back to revise it)

If you care about international news, you should know that,

(1) Chinese President and communist Mr. Xi Jinping is going to meet with American President Trump tomorrow;

(2) days ago, the Chinese Communist Party decided to set up a new Special Economic Zone in Xiongan, Hebei Province (near Beijing) following the Shenzhen in Guangdong and Putung in Shanghai Economic Zones.

Xiongan Special Economic Zone: A grant gift for Jew-Masters from Chinese Slave via Trump, grandson of Pimp .......Chinese women are to be glorious prostitutes to help with Red China:  

That means, like Shenzhen and Putung Economic Zones, Xiongan will become a colony of the Westerners for them to continue to slave the Chinese.
There are other social and political consequences:

1. Jews will become White-Skinned Once Again 

Jews are a Turk tribe that is called Khazars, a Eurasian people. After Empire of Khazaria was sacked by the Russ, the Khazars who converted to Judaism went to Europe in exile; they lived in Europe and married to the white women but refused to be assimilated by the White and thus, they were expelled from one country to another for over100 times.

When the Khazars were expelled to the Ottoman Empire from Spain, they re-united with the Ottoman Turks; together they conquered Europe and the world.

Most Jews were white-skinned in the past, but when they married to the brown-skinned Turks (Turks have Arab blood as they were conquered by the Muslim Arabs and converted to Muslim, most of the Turks are brown-skinned), so you may see there are brown-skinned Jews in Israel and the world.
Like the Turks and the White, the Jews conquer a people through marrying their women and understanding their cultures (Turks married to Arabic women and obtained leadership of the Muslim world, so the Ottoman Empire was actually a Arabic-Turk Empire, but the Turks do not want to talk about their Arabic heritage), the Jews and the White conquered the Chinese through marrying the Chinese women.

Centuries ago, the Southern Chinese voluntarily left their homeland in Canton, Guangxi and Fujian (including Shanghai) to become slaves so that their parents could get a large payment from the slave owners (it was a tradition for the Chinese to sell children and even organs for money, which has nothing to do poverty); the Chinese were ruled by the Manchu Tatars from 1644 to 1912, the Manchu passed laws forbidding the Southern Chinese to be smuggled to the US to be slaves; nevertheless, the Southern Chinese sold their children to the Jews, these slaves are known as Collies, Railway Builders, or Chinese Labours.

As Jews had slaved these Southern Chinese, they eventually used these slaves to conduct revolutions including the Taiping Revolution, Xinhai Revolution and various Muslim rebellions, Jews were finally able to overthrow the Manchu Empire in 1911 and made the former Manchu Empire red in 1949.

Throughout the process, the Jews and their White puppets married to the Southern Chinese in order to efficiently control the former Manchu Empire, now known as People's Republic of China, or Red China.   

Jews made a mistake.

For the past centuries, the Jews and the White have been defrauded by the Southern Chinese that, (1) the Southern Chinese are the Royal Han who created the Chinese civilization; (2) the Northern Chinese are related to the Manchu Tatars and they are Barbarians.

Jews and the Whites never liked the Northern Chinese because of the Boxers Rebellions, the Northern Chinese rejected Judo-Christianity and that led to a war between the Manchu Empire and the Eight Alliance nations and their colonies.

But Jews and the Whites are NOT as intelligent as they think of, so for decades they have been marrying to the Southern Chinese women in order to slave the Chinese; they were successful but their babies were NOT white-skinned, and as a result, the Jews' skin became darker and darker; in 2015, the Jews declared that they gave up their plan to be White, they created the Black Lives Matter movement.

The White in the US deem the BLM movement as a sign of White-genocide, so they "chose" Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton.   

But Jews now understand the truth that, Southern Chinese are NOT Royal Han as they always claim, and the Northern Chinese in some areas of China are related to the Turks/Jews racially.

Jews as the boss of all Communist Parties will have an opportunity marrying the Northern Chinese, the consequence is that, Jews will become white-skinned once again; and they will use the newly set Xiongan Economic Zone as a platform to marry Northern Chinese women (who are different from Southern Chinese physically, culturally and historically) and continue to slave the Chinese.

My prediction is that, the Jews will become white-skinned again in about 50 years.

2. White-genocide Claim is likely to be Banned

If you observe Chinese Nationalist movement and the White Nationalist movement, you may discover that, they have the same slogans and the same mentality.

As a third party who gains nothing from Chinese Nationalism or White Nationalism (they both committed genocide against my people in the past, and they will continue to do it ), I could have a far more object conclusion.

Once the Jews become white-skinned, it will be technically difficult to claim that Jews are not White; and politically speaking, that is suicidal for anyone to make such a claim.

As a result, White-genocide claim will be banned soon, may be by President Trump.


3. Communism will Prevail

Jews who created communism and control it, will continue to be successful; the Chinese will love communism more than ever, and the Jews will continue to slave the Chinese economically to stay rich and powerful.

The Chinese Communist Party will rule People's Republic of China for at least another 200 years, as they know what their Jew bosses want and deliver it quickly.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party have a humble plan to "restore" the Manchu Empire, that means, they will invade Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippine, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, part of India and Pakistan, and perhaps Russia soon (read Jew Howard French's new book Everything under the Heavens: How the Past Helps Shape China's Push for Global Power, March 14, 2017).

From my view, we should not hate anybody; if I were a Chinese, I would probably do the same thing; if I were a Jew, I would surely do the same thing to conquer the human race.

But I am a Barbarian, so I do nothing, say nothing and the only thing I could do is love God and be happy.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why Orville Schell is Stupid and Racist?

Orville Schell is a so called professor and the Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society and the co-author, with John Delury, of “Wealth and Power: China’s Long March to the Twenty-First Century.”

1. Orville Schell is Stupid

In his recent article, China’s Once and Future Democracy, he said that:

“The idea that China would develop into a constitutional republic was first and most forcefully proposed at the beginning of the previous century by Sun Yat-sen, the so-called father of modern China. Sun had studied in Hawaii, converted to Christianity and become a medical doctor before starting his campaign against dynastic rule.”

This illustrates that Orville knows nothing about Sun Yat-sen.

Firstly, Sun was born in Canton, China, but he obtained American citizenship through fraud. Sun Yat-sen was a fraudster.

Secondly, Sun Yat-sen went to the US as a child and studied in the US, but he could not speak fluent English; his writing in English was very poor. Not only about that, his Chinese was equally poor, he could speak Cantonese and Hakka languages but not Mandarin.

Sun Yat-sen never obtained a degree in the US, and he was not a medical doctor. He did study medicine in Hong Kong but was expelled by the British government (who colonized Hong Kong) for practicing medicine without a licence. Sun Yat-sen spent sometime in Canton as a quack doctor but could not make a living; so he returned to the US and worked as a waiter in a Cantonese-Chinese restaurant, shortly before he was arranged to be the President of Republic of China by the Japanese.  

Sun Yat-sen was a pedophile. He had sex with a minor, a 14 years old Japanese girl who later gave birth to a daughter. As an American citizen, Sun Yat-sen was supposed to be arrested and jailed for his crime, but he was never punished in the US. This shows the American legal system is corrupt.  

Finally, it was Sun Yat-sen, a Freemason, brought communism to the Chinese from Russia and Japan. Sun Moy, the elder brother of Sun Yat-sen smuggled Southern Chinese to the US as slaves in the disguise of railway workers; and now it was Sun Yat-sen who helped communists take over China

As a matter of fact, Stalin’s red army invaded Manchukuo, a democratic and independent nation; Stalin helped Mao Zedong “reunite” the former Manchu Empire with bloody wars. Prior to that, Manchuria / Manchukuo (homeland of the Manchu people), Southern Mongolia, East Turketan, Tibet and Taiwan were all independent.  

One does not need to be a paid expert to obtain above-mentioned common knowledge about Sun Yat-sen; one needs to do some simple google research to understand the real history; thus it is academic cheating for Orville Schell to provide false information to the world as a professor and history taught in the US is entirely bogus.

Further, Orville Schell said in same article:

Nor was the democratic effusion just at the elite level. In late 1978, a lowly electrician from the Beijing Zoo named Wei Jingsheng became a driving force behind what became known as “Democracy Wall,” when ordinary Chinese spontaneously began putting up wall posters and holding political discussions along an unprepossessing wall around a bus lot in the capital.”

Contrary what claimed by Schell, Wei Jingsheng came from an elite communist family backgrounds; and Mr. Wei wrote frequently about his family who socialized in old times with the family of Chinese President Xi Jinping.  

Orville Schell is making up stories to mislead the world. Clearly the American academic system is corrupt.

2. Orville Schell is a Racist

In his article published March 31, 2017, China’s Once and Future Democracy, Schell also said:

“But even amid the strife of the warlord era, the dream remained of a very different China. During the May Fourth Movement of 1919, thousands of students, intellectuals and workers took to the streets to protest Japan’s grab of German concessions in China at the conclusion of World War I and to rally for “science and democracy.” Hu Shih, a prominent intellectual of the movement who later became Chinese ambassador in Washington, wryly summed up the spirit of the era: “The only way to have democracy is to have democracy. Government is an art, and as such, it needs practice.” His generation intended to overturn China’s conservative and absolutist traditional culture so that, in the words of another activist, the Chinese people could rid themselves of the “4,000-year-old garbage can on our backs.””

From this it is clear that, Schell agrees that the Chinese 4000 year old history is a garbage can.

It shows that Orville Schell as a white-skinned person is a racist against the Asians, he believes he is superior to the Asians; and such a racist should never become a professor at all.

3. America is Sick

Orville Schell published his fake academic paper with an intention to mislead both the Americans and the Chinese; on one hand he privately wishes President Trump may be as racist as he is in order to win trade war against Red China; on the other hand, he openly calls for bloody revolutions for the Chinese to kill each other so that the US may benefit from it, once again.  


The US is sick, but not entirely hopeless. US will be normal once the Americans like Schell stop being delusional and acting as a superior race to the Asians: you have no rights to tell others to be democratic through bloody revolutions, mind your own business and free the Natives from the reserves immediately and without conditions – otherwise, the Chinese may supply weapons to the Natives for them to conduct revolutions to overthrow the American government.   

China will never become a democratic nation, as wishful thinking can never take place of reality; face it and stop being self-deceptive. 

The US will be dismantled, like the former USSR; not necessarily with its actual territory but definitely with its global prowess and domination.

When the US collapses, the Chinese communism will die in peace, and everyone on earth will smile again.

Thanks God!

Democracy is dying in the US as more and more common Americans are living in poverty, or even starvation, read this: