Saturday, 15 April 2017

Message from the Manchus

There are Manchu speaking Manchus around the world, they have sent me a message decade ago that:

1. the Manchus knew the Xinhai Revolution (1911) in advance, the Manchus prepared for the worst, they had transferred important Manchu language documents to a safe place, guarded by a Manchu Royal family;

2. the Manchu language archives recorded important events and peoples in the Manchu Empire and the world (1636 - 1911).

I can only disclose this at the present time; as Manchus as a people have no freedom everywhere in the world, it is critical for the Central Eurasians to work together ONCE AGAIN.

Photo Below:

A Manchu teaches Manchu language (an Altaic language, similar to Mongolian language) in Heilong Jiang, PR China. 


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