Saturday, 15 April 2017

Modern Christianity is Fake and Anti-God

Modern Christianity is fake and anti-God, this has been known to many westerners.

For example, Pope made numerous comments that are anti-God and anti-Jesus in nature; even the Italians are rejecting their "churches".

Further, western churches have become a safe heaven habouring pedophiles and criminals. In the West, the native children were taken away from their parents and "educated" by Jesuit priests and nuns at boarding schools, these priests and nuns raped, sexually and physically assaulted the Native children. The Native culture has been destroyed but the Pope refused to apologize to the Native people in North America (online research should reveal this).

Central Eurasians must work together to defend our people, our heritage, our glorious civilization and history.

Photo Below:

Many westerners know the truth that, the Pope is a fake Christian.

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