Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Remember the 100 Million Natives

The Natives are racially related to the North Koreans, ironically, they have been referring to as “Red Indians” for centuries by the Superior Species.

When the Invaders as Superior Species came to North American, they pretended to be vulnerable, so they gained trust from the Native people; soon, they “civilized”, “democratized” and “legallized”100 millions of Natives by slaughtering them, burning them alive, hunting and shooting them like animals using guns.  

It was very civilized, very democratic, very rule of law, and very human rights; certainly this conquest was the most glorious, bravest and successful one in history.

The Superior Species claim themselves religious but they are in fact are very anti-God; they created an anti-God theory that has been taught around the world; based on this theory, human race came from apes or monkeys; this theory is known as Darwin theory.

Darwin theory is not only anti-God but it is absurd: for the past 5,000 years, nobody ever witnessed a singly ape or monkey turning into a human being.

The Superior Species are not only anti-God and absurd, they are extremely deceptive and cruel. They pose as gentlemen to harm the innocent, particularly women and children all the time.

I have sent quite a few large sized “gentle” men to prison, I got paid to do it, and I know they will never change simply because they are anti-God.  

Please, every time you see a large sized “gentle” man approaching your daughter or son, be careful: your people are at great risk; so become pro-abortion before your people disappear into the air.

I am not here to remind you all the time, if you have any doubts, google “native genocide” or speak to the Native people online.

And always keep in mind, the Superior Species are not our kind (and they agree to this), they are anti-God and they believe that their ancestors were black apes.

Finally, the Superior Species will NEVER change, they slaughtered the Natives not a long time ago, and they will continue to do it to others. 


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  1. Never trust a single of them, if you do, your offspring will face the same fate as the Native did.