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Why Orville Schell is Stupid and Racist?

Orville Schell is a so called professor and the Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society and the co-author, with John Delury, of “Wealth and Power: China’s Long March to the Twenty-First Century.”

1. Orville Schell is Stupid

In his recent article, China’s Once and Future Democracy, he said that:

“The idea that China would develop into a constitutional republic was first and most forcefully proposed at the beginning of the previous century by Sun Yat-sen, the so-called father of modern China. Sun had studied in Hawaii, converted to Christianity and become a medical doctor before starting his campaign against dynastic rule.”

This illustrates that Orville knows nothing about Sun Yat-sen.

Firstly, Sun was born in Canton, China, but he obtained American citizenship through fraud. Sun Yat-sen was a fraudster.

Secondly, Sun Yat-sen went to the US as a child and studied in the US, but he could not speak fluent English; his writing in English was very poor. Not only about that, his Chinese was equally poor, he could speak Cantonese and Hakka languages but not Mandarin.

Sun Yat-sen never obtained a degree in the US, and he was not a medical doctor. He did study medicine in Hong Kong but was expelled by the British government (who colonized Hong Kong) for practicing medicine without a licence. Sun Yat-sen spent sometime in Canton as a quack doctor but could not make a living; so he returned to the US and worked as a waiter in a Cantonese-Chinese restaurant, shortly before he was arranged to be the President of Republic of China by the Japanese.  

Sun Yat-sen was a pedophile. He had sex with a minor, a 14 years old Japanese girl who later gave birth to a daughter. As an American citizen, Sun Yat-sen was supposed to be arrested and jailed for his crime, but he was never punished in the US. This shows the American legal system is corrupt.  

Finally, it was Sun Yat-sen, a Freemason, brought communism to the Chinese from Russia and Japan. Sun Moy, the elder brother of Sun Yat-sen smuggled Southern Chinese to the US as slaves in the disguise of railway workers; and now it was Sun Yat-sen who helped communists take over China

As a matter of fact, Stalin’s red army invaded Manchukuo, a democratic and independent nation; Stalin helped Mao Zedong “reunite” the former Manchu Empire with bloody wars. Prior to that, Manchuria / Manchukuo (homeland of the Manchu people), Southern Mongolia, East Turketan, Tibet and Taiwan were all independent.  

One does not need to be a paid expert to obtain above-mentioned common knowledge about Sun Yat-sen; one needs to do some simple google research to understand the real history; thus it is academic cheating for Orville Schell to provide false information to the world as a professor and history taught in the US is entirely bogus.

Further, Orville Schell said in same article:

Nor was the democratic effusion just at the elite level. In late 1978, a lowly electrician from the Beijing Zoo named Wei Jingsheng became a driving force behind what became known as “Democracy Wall,” when ordinary Chinese spontaneously began putting up wall posters and holding political discussions along an unprepossessing wall around a bus lot in the capital.”

Contrary what claimed by Schell, Wei Jingsheng came from an elite communist family backgrounds; and Mr. Wei wrote frequently about his family who socialized in old times with the family of Chinese President Xi Jinping.  

Orville Schell is making up stories to mislead the world. Clearly the American academic system is corrupt.

2. Orville Schell is a Racist

In his article published March 31, 2017, China’s Once and Future Democracy, Schell also said:

“But even amid the strife of the warlord era, the dream remained of a very different China. During the May Fourth Movement of 1919, thousands of students, intellectuals and workers took to the streets to protest Japan’s grab of German concessions in China at the conclusion of World War I and to rally for “science and democracy.” Hu Shih, a prominent intellectual of the movement who later became Chinese ambassador in Washington, wryly summed up the spirit of the era: “The only way to have democracy is to have democracy. Government is an art, and as such, it needs practice.” His generation intended to overturn China’s conservative and absolutist traditional culture so that, in the words of another activist, the Chinese people could rid themselves of the “4,000-year-old garbage can on our backs.””

From this it is clear that, Schell agrees that the Chinese 4000 year old history is a garbage can.

It shows that Orville Schell as a white-skinned person is a racist against the Asians, he believes he is superior to the Asians; and such a racist should never become a professor at all.

3. America is Sick

Orville Schell published his fake academic paper with an intention to mislead both the Americans and the Chinese; on one hand he privately wishes President Trump may be as racist as he is in order to win trade war against Red China; on the other hand, he openly calls for bloody revolutions for the Chinese to kill each other so that the US may benefit from it, once again.  


The US is sick, but not entirely hopeless. US will be normal once the Americans like Schell stop being delusional and acting as a superior race to the Asians: you have no rights to tell others to be democratic through bloody revolutions, mind your own business and free the Natives from the reserves immediately and without conditions – otherwise, the Chinese may supply weapons to the Natives for them to conduct revolutions to overthrow the American government.   

China will never become a democratic nation, as wishful thinking can never take place of reality; face it and stop being self-deceptive. 

The US will be dismantled, like the former USSR; not necessarily with its actual territory but definitely with its global prowess and domination.

When the US collapses, the Chinese communism will die in peace, and everyone on earth will smile again.

Thanks God!

Democracy is dying in the US as more and more common Americans are living in poverty, or even starvation, read this:

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